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KEYBOW - Bred to be a Success at Stud

KELVIN Lean is a clever man.


In the few short years he has been in greyhound racing, he has quickly learned to take notice when “experts” hand out advice.


Handing out advice can be a rare thing in greyhound racing, but an early introduction for Kelvin to legend NSW dog man Ken Cheetham was enough.

And within those few short years it has given Kelvin a champion.


KEYBOW (Take The Kitty-Key Exit) is the multiple Group 1 champion now setting out on a stud career that is the result of that firm advice from Ken Cheetham to Kelvin Lean.

Ken has trained some great greyhounds in the many decades he has been in the industry. Among those has been Take The Kitty (Big Daddy Cool-Our Miss Tilly) who landed the coveted NSW greyhound of the year title adding his name to such legends as National Lass and Winifred Bale to have won that award.


Ken also trained the bitch Key Exit (Over Flo-Atlanta Belle) for Kelvin. She was the winner of seven races including a Wentworth Park victory and she boasts a female family “to die for”.


When it came time for Kelvin to dabble into the precarious world of greyhound breeding, it was to Ken Cheetham he turned to. Ken’s advice was to put the bitch to Take The Kitty.

Who better to ask? He had trained them both, knew what they were like and what they needed at stud. They needed each other.



The black dog, whelped on Christmas Day in 2011, was the present Kelvin Lean could only dream of getting.


From 52 starts, he has won 25, been placed second eight times and third in six. His earnings are $546,742 and from the moment he hit the racetrack KEYBOW has been a name on anyone and everyone’s lips.


Legend trainer Darren McDonald put him on the map with victories in the Group 1 Perth Cup and Brisbane Cup and the Group 3 Silver Bullet at The Meadows. Along the way he ran second in the Group 1 Australian Cup and was third in the Group 1 Melbourne Cup. He has also been placed in the Group 1 Winter Cup (at Albion Park), the Cranbourne Cup, Qld Derby and been one of the chosen eight to be invited into the Topgun.


Sent to leading trainer Tony Brett in Queensland, KEYBOW has since become a finalist in the Group 1 National Sprint.

Any dog who wins a Group 1 is able to run and run faster than most.


KEYBOW is no exception.

At Wentworth Park his career best is 29.45, at The Meadows it is 29.58, Albion Park 29.67, Sandown 29.36, Cannington 30.15.


KEYBOW is a superstar … always has been.

When Kelvin Lean asked Tony Brett to organize frozen semen from KEYBOW during a brief break from racing, Brett was staggered.

“Amazing,” is how Brett described the fertility in the dog. So much so that Kelvin has kept some for himself, Tony grabbed a couple as well, and the others are now for sale.


Eventually, KEYBOW will retire to Tony Wiseman’s stud in NSW to stand alongside his NSW greyhound of the year sire Take The Kitty.


KEYBOW has a pedigree to really make it at stud.


That’s because he has an intensely in-bred pedigree … he is almost a replica of Bombastic Shiraz and we all know what he did at stud.


The intensity in the pedigree of KEYBOW is very, very powerful.


Our Miss Tilly, dam of KEYBOW’s sire Take The Kitty, is in-bred 3x2 to the virtual brother and sister Malawi and Supreme Image.

Malawi is Waverly Supreme-Sabby’s Image while Supreme Image is by Waverly Supreme’s son Chariot Supreme-Sabby’s Image.


In KEYBOW’s damline, his dam Key Exit is bred identically to Bombastic Shiraz.

She carries the brothers Malawi and Buka Sunset 4x4, and significantly she also traces directly along her damline to Zimbabwe (this is the famous Zulu Moss family).

So when Key Exit was mated to Take The Kitty it produced intense 2x1 in-breeding to two bitches (Our Miss Tilly and Key Exit) who are bred on an identical cross.

But the pedigree of KEYBOW also introduces a 2x3 cross of Big Daddy Cool and his half brother Brett Lee. Both are found along the direct sireline on both sides of the pedigree.


KEYBOW also is duplicated to Malawi’s Prince 4x4 and perfectly balanced (via a son and daughter).


For those who are interested in such things, please take great notice of the position of Malawi’s Prince in the pedigree of Take The Kitty.

Malawi’s Prince is the sire of Take The Kitty’s damsire Placard.

In the pedigree of Key Exit (dam of KEYBOW) Malawi’s Prince comes in via a DAUGHTER (Flo Jo Tears).


The best progeny of many, many great sires carry a balance like this.

KEYBOW is from one of the greatest damlines this country has ever seen, tracing directly to champion Zulu Moss (his eight dam). Zulu Moss and her litter sister Riviera Moss (Which Chariot-Cursorial) are found in numerous champions’ pedigrees.

Metal Springs, the fifth dam of KEYBOW, was a superstar from a superstar litter. She ran track records at Penrith and Beenleigh winning the time-honoured Queensland Cup.

Metal Spring’s litter brother Worth Doing is one of the greatest greyhounds to have ever raced. Other littermates included Group class Wary Suspect, Our Blue Haven.

A three-quarter brother Hug The Rail became a NSW greyhound of the year.


Nothing wrong with that sort of damline!


Georgia Belle, the third dam of KEYBOW, ran a track record at Canberra and was second in the Penrith Stayers Championship and became a superstar broodbitch.

Georgia Belle is the dam of National Derby winner Brother Knows who also ran a Goulburn track record and made a Topgun.


She is also the dam of Persian Belle who was second in the Group 1 Association Cup, third in the Sydney Cup and was a finalist in the Wentworth Park Gold Cup and another Sydney Cup.


At stud, Persian Belle became the dam of Persian Spy, winner of the Dapto Silver Collar and a finalist in the Golden Easter Egg, and Catmando who won the Easter Egg Consolation.


Also produced by Georgia Belle are:

Gordon Sloy a finalist in The Schweppes

Chilting Alert a Bulli track record breaker and Young Star Classic finalist

Superstar Leo a track record breaker at Moss Vale and Goulburn

Ironstein the winner of the WA Sprint Championship

Oska a finalist in the Group 3 South Coast Cup


Another daughter, Sophie’s Belle, became the dam of Hurricane Luke who is a very good sire whose daughter Smashing Sally won the Richmond Oaks.


This success, from VERY limited opportunities, by Hurricane Luke augurs well for KEYBOW’s future at stud.


So, just what lines will suit KEYBOW when he does finally retire “full time” to stud?


One of the best aspects of KEYBOW’s pedigree is that he has Black Shiraz along his damline via a DAUGHTER. Which means KEYBOW is absolutely crying out for bitches with Bombastic Shiraz and Primo Uno (SONS of Black Shiraz) in their pedigree.


And now bitches by Fernando Bale and Kilty Lad whose dams are by Primo Uno. Both Bombastic Shiraz and Primo Uno are found just about everywhere in pedigrees of the Australian greyhound.


KEYBOW’s fifth dam is none other than that former scorcher Metal Springs a SISTER to Worth Doing.


It would make sense also to make sure KEYBOW mates as many bitches with Worth Doing (and his litter brother Wary Suspect) as possible.


Obviously this would be best via a DAUGHTER. National Dingaan, found in the damline of Magic Sprite, Oaks Road, Trewly Special, Trew Millions, the brothers Talks Cheap and Bo Frazier, Royal Assassin and Clearwater Boy etc. etc. etc., is a daughter of Worth Doing.

Flo Jo Tears, found in a strong position in the pedigree of KEYBOW, is bred along very similar lines to Token Prince.


It would also make sense to mate as many bitches as possible with Token Prince in their pedigree to KEYBOW. This is a match that is proven to Group 1 level, especially in NZ.

Of course, Token Prince is found is numerous lines throughout the country. Stud dogs with Token Prince up close in their pedigree include Cosmic Chief, Vee Man Vane, Miagi, Forty Twenty, Cool Effort, Give Me Five, Cool Mat etc.

Now, we were talking before about the powerful position of Malawi’s Prince in the pedigree of Take The Kitty.


In KEYBOW, his damsire is that former very good NSW sprinter and good stud success Over Flo, a SON of Brett Lee.


In a bid to help KEYBOW succeed at stud, he should then mate as many bitches as possible whose pedigrees contain a DAUGHTER of Brett Lee.


Consider how many of those are about.


Ideally, KEYBOW should be matched with bitches by Lochinvar Marlow, Cosmic Rumble, the brother Smooth Fancy and Swift Fancy, Oaks Road, Cold Fusion, Tommy Brislane etc.

KEYBOW can also take bitches that carry just one more cross of Malawi’s Prince via either a son or daughter.


This includes daughters of Collision, Bombastic Shiraz, El Galo, Modern Assassin, Go Wild Teddy, Collide, the brothers Knockabout Wok and Puzzle Prize … even KEYBOW’s own damsire Over Flo for some intense in-breeding. Cosmic Rumble bitches, those by Fabregas, and anything with Bearability in their make-up will suit KEYBOW.


Bearability is bred identically to Big Daddy Cool the grandsire of KEYBOW. This pair has combined in the pedigree of a number of outstanding race dogs, headed by Group 1 winner Peggy May.


Big Ginger Boy is a litter brother to Black Shiraz and he is found in a number of pedigrees. It would make sense to put bitches with Big Ginger Boy in their make-up to KEYBOW.


This can be achieved specifically via Vapour Whirl.


An interesting mating would be bitches with Kobble Creek.


He is from the same damline as Over Flo, being out of champion Trojan Tears the third dam of Over Flo. Paul Wheeler has produced a number of great race dogs by Over Flo and because this dog sits so perfectly placed in the pedigree of KEYBOW, Wheeler lines can be mated to KEYBOW with confidence.


Over Flo’s Topgun winning son Allen Harper is from the same damline as Whisky Assassin. This is the same damline as Dyna Lachlan and Buttsie Bale (damsire of Dyna Double One). Bitches by Whisky Assassin and Dyna Lachlan are ideal for KEYBOW.


The direct damline of KEYBOW has worked exceptionally well with many great sires. This can now be done in reverse by putting daughters of those sires to KEYBOW.


These include Go Wild Teddy, Proper Tears, Solve The Puzzle, Premier Fantasy, Elite State, Bit Chili and Spiral Nikita.


Many of the truly great stud dogs of the past few decades have been intensely in-bred … Collision, Bombastic Shiraz, Where’s Pedro and Hallucinate, Surf Lorian, Head Honcho and right back to the greatest of them all Temlee.

What such intensity of pedigree does is allow the stud dog to dominate most bitches.


That will especially include the numerous bitches throughout Australia with imports in their pedigree. Intensely in-bred stud dogs can dominate those as well.


KEYBOW’s pedigree and racetrack performances almost assure him of success at stud.
















Just The Best

Credibility x Flying Amy

New Tears x Wee Sal

Welcome Stranger x

Supreme Image

Gun Law Osti x Sobbing Sal

Ginger x Dark Horizon

Just Like Ned x Joannejen

Sobbing Sal


Miss Strangelove

Brett Lee

Flo Jo Tears

Georgia Belle

Black Shiraz

Malawi's Prince x

Gem's Delight

Malawi's Prince x

Bear's Tears

Black Dog - 31.5kgs

December 2011

Speed. Strength. Top Class.

Keybow At Stud

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